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We are the leading Importer and Wholesaler of Rudraksha in Haridwar (India). has a prestigious name in Wholesale Rudraksha Business with over 100 years of experience to serving customers all over the India and the world. The only place for all and every type of pure and original gems and semi-precious gems, 1 to 14 faced Rudraksha. Sandal-wood, Quartz-crys- crystal, Coral, Nine-gems, Lotus-seed, rosary, Turmeric rosary, the Yantras in copper, silver and gold, Brahm-Ganth and Jalhari Janeu, Conch shell, right handed counch shell. The rings of 8 metals and
gems, original Shaligram.

We are dedicated to promote Rudraksha for its beneficial effects and spiritual qualities and to remove misconceptions and doubts regarding its mysteries as well as supply genuine andhigh quality Rudraksha beads at affordable prices. We provide original and natural Rudraksha Beads as we personally collect them from Nepal and Indonesia, so that its authenticity and the quality is maintained. Read more....


Buy energized and true Rudraksha, Rudraksha mala (Rosaries),

Rudraksha Pendants and rudraksha jewelry.


Buy Certified gemstone. Specially energized by mantras you can

choose precious gemstone, gemstone jewelry and more.


Energized Sri Yantra, Kamdev Yantra, Laxmi Yantra, Saraswati yantra, Bhairav Yantra and more to increase gain health, wealth and fame.

  Puja Items

Pooja can mean: Religion , Worship - In Hinduism, Pooja or Puja is a form of worship.

A daily Puja usually consists of a simple worship of offerings.


Thank you for your kind response, i had some time back purchased a 13 mukhi rudraksha from your shop, and i found the difference in 4 months I got promoted in my job and my financial stability improved , i really thank you people for the providing a genuine rudraksha.

Thanking you for your kind services.
Sandesh k suvarna                                                
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5 Mukhi




   Rudraksha can also be worn according to Ruling and Zodiac Signs as under:-
Zodiac Ruling Planets Suggested Rudrakshas Gems
Aries Mars Three Faced Rudraksha Beads Red Coral
Taurus Venus Six Faced or Thirteen Faced Rudraksha Diamond
Gemini mercury Four Faced Rudraksha Beads Emerald
Cancer Moon Two Faced Rudraksha Beads Pearl
Leo Sun One Faced or Twelve Faced Rudraksha Ruby
Virgo Mercury (& Rahu*) Four Faced (& Eight faced Rudraksh Emerald
Libra Venus Six faced or Thirteen faced Rudraksha Diamond
Scorpio Pluto Three Faced Rudraksha Beads Red Coral
Sagittarius Jupiter Five Faced Rudraksha Beads Yellow Sapphire
Capricorn Saturn Seven Faced or Fourteen Faced Rudraksh Blue Sapphire
Aquarius Uranus Seven Faced or Fourteen Faced Rudraksha Blue Sapphire
Pisces Jupiter (& ketu*) Five Faced(& nine Faced Rudraksha Beads Yellow Sapphire


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